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“Dating” may be a catch-all for putting yourself out there in the quest for love. You meet someone new, go out for coffee or dinner, get swept up in all the feel-good, babysit the phone for the next call or text.

But, for all that makes dating same-ol’-same-ol’, regardless of who-what-where, it actually poses some unique challenges for different age groups.

When you really stop to think about it, it’s almost a cosmic wonder that people end up together. Considering all the differences between — their upbringings, values, and interests — it seems as if the odds would be against them.

And the progressive decline in marriage rates in this millennium inspires more questions than answers. 

Why is finding true love so difficult? Are people just waiting longer to marry? Are couples choosing alternatives to marriage? 

Are there socioeconomic reasons for the decline? Are certain age groups marrying more or less than other age groups? Are people looking for different things than they used to look for when it comes to love?

How much does age have to do with it? Is love really worth it?

And yet, in spite of statistics and skepticism, love is still the hottest pursuit. Always has been. Probably always will be.

But it’s still a good idea to have some informed arrows in your quiver.

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Here are some of the biggest and most unique dating problems at every age range.

Challenges of dating in your 20s.

It’s a shame that the perks of youth get showered on the young. They’re healthy, aches-and-pains-free, energetic, and open to the differences and discoveries that make life interesting and the world a hopeful place to inhabit. 

They’re also relatively inexperienced at adult life, often still in or just getting out of college. They’re standing at the starting blocks of life, waiting for the countdown of ready-set-go. 

Ironically, over 50% of young adults ages 18-29 still live at home with at least one parent. This can be a bit awkward when it comes to serious dating or working on an exclusive, long-term relationship. 

But, when you consider factors like the cost of living, limited finances, job searches, student debt, and the COVID pandemic, the growing trend makes sense. 

This is also a time in life when most young adults are “me”-focused.

“Where do I want to go? What do I want to do? What sounds like fun for the weekend?”

Compared to older singles, Millennials/Gen Y-ers/Gen Z-ers are tech-savvy. Dating apps aren’t self-shaming topics for closet conversations. They’re as routine as gaming and downloading music. 

Tech is something they grew up with. And, for singles in their 20s, it plays a dominant role in their …….


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