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Dating can be a wonderful journey of self-discovery, growth, and companionship. However, with the advent of technology and the increased use of social media, the dating landscape has changed dramatically, and along with it, new dating trends have emerged that can be harmful and toxic to individuals and relationships. It is important to be aware of these toxic trends and to prioritize healthy communication, respect, and mutual understanding in all relationships. These behaviours can cause emotional harm, reduce self-esteem, and contribute to unhealthy relationship dynamics. By understanding these toxic trends, individuals can make informed decisions and develop healthy, fulfilling relationships based on mutual respect and understanding. (Also read: Romantic relationships to long-term commitments or ‘situationships’, here’s what the dating game of Gen Z looks like )

Ginger Dean, Licensed Psychotherapist, shared toxic dating trends you need to know about, in her recent Instagram post.

  • Zombieing: Re-establishing contact with someone after abruptly ending a relationship, often to rekindle the relationship or for selfish reasons.
  • Orbiting: When someone is orbiting, they don’t text you back but keep liking your posts and watching every story you upload.
  • Pocketing: When someone isn’t completely convinced about you yet and declines to introduce you to their friends and family, this is known as pocketing.
  • Firedooring: When someone expects you to respond immediately to every call, even when you are the one in need, they are engaging in firedooring.
  • Slow fading: When they respond to your texts in less and fewer words and spend progressively less time with you until they stop getting in touch with you altogether.
  • Phubbing: When a person meets you in person but spends the entire time staring at their phone rather than interacting with you.
  • Kittenfishing: When a person fabricates information on their dating profile, such as by utilising an old photograph or writing a false biography.
  • Cloaking: When someone blocks you out of the blue so you have zero way of contacting them to ask what made them run away.
  • Ghosting: Suddenly cutting off all communication and ending a relationship without explanation.
  • Cushioning: When someone starts flirting with others, even though they’re in a relationship, so they have a backup plan once they’re single.
  • Almosts: When someone acts like they’re interested (and even starts to treat you like a partner) but refuses to put a label on the relationship.
  • Benching/Breadcrumbing: They don’t plan dates, however, string you along via texting and intermittent calls to keep you on their roster with no intention of dating you.
  • Negging: They insult you with a backhanded compliment to undermine your confidence. “I don’t usually date women like you, but you’re different”.

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