Fallon Sherrock boyfriend: Darts champion, 27, dating fellow competitor you may recognise – Daily Express

Fallon Sherrock, 27, has become one of the most recognisable faces in women’s sport and the Queen of the Palace returns to Ally Pally this week. She is set to return to the world stage on Sunday, as she prepares to take on former world champion Steve Beaton in the first round of the World Darts Championship 2022.

The sports personality recently revealed that she is supported by fellow competitor and boyfriend Cameron Menzies, 32.

Despite Fallon currently dominating the sport, Cameron has shared that he has also been putting in the hours, after he recently won the Men’s Singles Welsh Open in October, landing a spot at Lakeside.

The Scottish-born ace has also qualified for the WDF World Championship.

In a recent chat, Cameron revealed that he had been training alongside his girlfriend, as he admitted he “sometimes can’t even get close to her”.

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She continued: “He is so supportive. It is quite nice to have someone who is willing to help.

“He helps me practise and Rory absolutely adores him.”

She added: “When the blokes are hitting against me, I don’t feel nervous because I am used to it.

“I know what to expect, I know what to do to put the pressure on.”


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