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Just as it’s much easier to fire off cutting snark than offer constructive criticism, advice on dating and relationships tends to focus on the negative. So many warnings on what not to say or do, the ones to avoid, the dangers. But what about the good stuff? Wouldn’t it be nice to hear we’re getting something right, receive a little encouragement or, even better, a handy guide to best practice. We know all about the red flags, but their more positive, cheerleading green cousins are just as important. We’ve scorched the earth, here come the green shoots. I’ve trawled expert advice, the soothsayers of social media, idiots with broadband, and even delved into my own experiences for the ultimate list of romantic five-star ratings that say, hey, maybe this is going somewhere. Never accept any less than the absolute best in show.

First-date behaviour

Dating profile
The biggest green flag on someone’s dating profile is variety: plenty of pictures with friends, family – maybe even pets – so you can get a handle on who they are and how you could fit into their life (and also whether they have any good-looking friends who might suit you better). Images should be super-fresh – no decades-old selfies snapped in smeared bathroom mirrors, and no photos with exes. An open mind is good, too: according to dating app Bumble, a third of its users are more open to travel and start a relationship with people from different places – a sign its criteria aren’t ridiculously prescriptive. Just think: long-distance lovers might bring you something interesting from the big Robert Dyas in their town.

Pleased to see you
This always applies, actually – whether first laying eyes on you sauntering into the bar, or 10 years later, in the car park, in sideways rain, with 10 carrier bags, your face longer than the queues for the toilets at Latitude.

They compliment you
And I don’t mean “nice arse”.

They’re keen to impress
Playing it cool is so boring, so over, such a cliche. We’re not teenagers any more. Play it hot. Wow one another. They should dress for the date as if they mean business. Personality should be fully electrified. Humour should be on its A-game.

Good breath
Pleasant, non-honking breath that shows they’re intimate with their toothbrush and that they care about how they’re perceived, not just the faux minty tang from a hastily sucked Polo seconds before arrival. Smoking should only be done glamorously, at will readings or during multimillion-dollar jewellery heists, or wretchedly, in Paris, lamenting an extramarital bunk-up – so let’s have none of that.

Anyone can nod while their date unloads a …….


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